We are 4656 Rock Solid Robotics, a team that lives up to the name.

Rock Solid Robotics was founded in 2012 with an unexpected beginning. Our Coach, Mark Schlangen, attended the Double DECC’er regional event in 2011 to see a robotics competition in person. As a science teacher, he decided that his students needed to see what took place at a regional in person. Initially the plan was to bring students to the DECC to see STEAM put into action. The idea was brought up to our schools principle, and realized that FIRST needed a larger presence in our school. With limited experience and few students, we created a team that was dedicated to creating robots that would always prove to be “Rock Solid.”24726156_1710656248944367_462361892_o.jpg

Our first year was definitely a year of learning, but Two Harbors ended up being a gold mine for finding help with a vast background in engineering and various other STEAM related businesses. Our mentors and sponsors (many of which were both) were a large driving force our first year, with lots of teaching needed just to make a thing on four wheels that could move. With that being said, students made all the crucial decisions on the robot and did a majority of the work to have knowledge that could be carried on in the future. We went to the Northern Lights Regional and made our names heard. With only 12 team members, we were voted as the Rookie All-Star team and competed in the FRC World Competition in St Louis, MO.522487_160266977462928_467500134_n.jpg

Since then, we have continued to find not only success in our seasons, but students that were willing to learn. More than 90% of our alumni are in post-secondary education, and over half of them are pursuing a STEAM based careers. Many have even shared the excitement of a new season after graduating, making their way back to the robotics room to see how the robot was and where help may be needed. Thanks to the constant communication and spreading of knowledge, we have continued past qualifying matches five of our six seasons and made to state competition multiple times as well.13880189_650923635063924_7295075895925341445_n.jpg

With every new season comes a new journey, each one better than the last. We grow in numbers, knowledge, and spread our outreach more each year. We create better robots capable of more success than the previous year. We further our schools interest in STEAM. We are proud of what we have done, and look forward to what we will do. We are FRC Team 4656. We are Rock Solid Robotics.